Our production follows a simple rule:

We produce just what we like

This is the DU.IT seal of quality!

Our recipes are original. We start from an idea of drink, then we get to the recipe we like through experimentation: we are the first consumers of our products, and we want them to be perfect.

We are not interested in creating just another copy of mainstream products, or in chasing the trends. We want to offer something unique, certain that our curiosity for the innovative and unknown never dies.

Urban by nature, artisan by choice.

The project begins from 3 Florentine friends who share a dream to create the elixir of life. We allow only the highest quality produce to enter our distillery, whose producers we personally know, and we work them exclusively by hand, without any use of colorants, preservatives or artificial thickeners.
The world we belong to is our city, what animates us is the desire to rediscover authentic tastes and natural ways of working.
We love going against the grain, for we are convinced that we are going in the right direction, we don’t take ourselves too seriously though. We are “vulgar” in its original meaning, that is, we are straightforward people with taste, passion and authenticity.
If you’ll ever find some deposit in your bottle, that’s great! Nature makes sediment, you know!

Gently shake the bottle before serving, so as to blend the aromas best.
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