Assedio – Amaro Fiorentino

A refined and distinct bitters. A drink that will cleanse you of the stress and struggles of the day. It is a bold but fun tribute to our Tuscan Spirit.

In a world where industrial production provides comforting tedium our bitters stands out for its proudly handcrafted character.

Even if we are surrounded by standardized products, we have nothing to fear as long as we’ll keep on creating a unique bitters like Assedio. The sediments at the bottom prove the uniqueness of every bottle, and its resistance to the ordinary: just like the ones who drink it.

40% alc/vol – 70 cl.

Volgare – Amaro Nazionale

People’s Bitters: National, Urban and Popular. Its hint of bitterness perfectly counterbalances its sweet base. Best served at the end of the meal or paired with a dessert.

Just as the ancient Tuscan language united the dialects of our cities and our people, so our bitters wants to unite people in a simple and informal way. An urban bitter that comes from the people: popular yet ambitious enough to leave its mark, with its style and authenticity.

Made from organic cinnamon as main botanicals and other smooth spices, its liqueur-like sweetness makes this bitters irresistibly tempting. Its color and clearness are the result of the total absence of artificial caramels, typical of industrial bitters.

VOLGARE is our proudly national-popular bitters: a metropolitan product with an unmistakably handcrafted soul.

30% alc/vol – 70 cl.

IPA – Italian Pale Amaro

Our IPA bitters: a balanced taste and hops-flavored to enhance its aroma.

Modern, urban, and handcrafted, with distinctive digestive properties. The unique aroma of hops enriches and refines this innovative product of the DUIT family.

Exciting, with a distinctive, full bodied flavor, ITALIAN PALE AMARO is a bitters that recalls the intense fragrance of handcrafted IPA beers. It develops bold, bitter notes, persistent to the palate, in a blend of full-bodied tastes, fruit flavors follow, effusing the rich variety of its hops. A true lucky find, rigorously handcrafted.

25% alc/vol – 70 cl.

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